What makes the mojave desert unique

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What makes the mojave desert unique

The Preserve is a vast expanse of desert lands that represents a combination of Great Basin, Sonoran, and Mojave desert ecosystems.

What makes the mojave desert unique

This combination allows a visitor to experience a wide variety of desert plant life in combinations that exist nowhere else in the United States in such proximity. Located in southern California, the desert area is a land of mountain ranges, sand dunes, great mesas and extinct volcanoes.

Mojave contains several diverse mountain ranges, the Kelso dune system, dry lakebeds and evidence of volcanic activity domes, lava flows, cinder cones.

Plant and animal life complement the geological features. Mojave contains the largest Joshua tree forest in the world.


Mojave is bounded to the north and south by major interstate highways, I and I Located about half way between Las Vegas and Joshua Tree National Park, it is an area that many people have seen through their windshields, but few have taken time to explore.

In addition, about half is designated as critical habitat for the federally listed threatened desert tortoise. Evidence of the early human uses includes archeological sites, possibly dating back to 12, years.

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The lakes of Badain Jaran Desert, China That's dirt, sometimes sand, a lot of dryness, and probably some animals that can kill us. We can even accept that there's going to be some really weird plants in the desert, but what don't we expect?
Mystical Desert — Joshua Tree Visitors Guide US annual average solar energy received by a latitude tilt photovoltaic cell modeled.

The old Union Pacific train depot at Kelso serves as a wonderful reminder the railroading hey-days of the s. Springer also has a remarkably interesting tale to tell of this most unusual man.

These two features and many more, such as Fort Piute, Government Holes, and Ivanpah town sites add to the very rich history of the Preserve. Significant Features Mojave National Preserve protects an extensive variety of habitatsspecies, and landforms unique to the Mojave Desert and is the best place to experience this ecosystem.

Mojave National Preserve contains outstanding scenic resources, rich in visual diversity containing a varied landscape of sand dunesmountain ranges, dry lakebedslava flows, cinder cones, Joshua tree forestsand far-reaching vistas. The Joshua tree forest of Cima Dome and Shadow Valley is the largest and densest population of Joshua trees in the world.

The Preserve is internationally known as a place to conduct desert research, and its lands are known for their geological features such as Cima Dome, the Cinder Cones, and the Kelso Dunes.

Mojave is a naturally quiet desert environment with very dark night skies that offers visitors and researchers opportunities for natural quiet, solitude and star gazing with few human caused noise or light glare sources.

The Mojave Desert has a long cultural history as a travel corridor across a harsh and foreboding desert, linking different areas in the Southwest. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, railroads were constructed in this historic transportation corridor; more recently, modern interstate highways traverse the area.

Mojave National Preserve protects many significant rock art sites that provide evidence of early Native American use of the Mojave Desert. Mojave National Preserve protects numerous historic sites from early mining, ranching, homesteading and railroading endeavors that serve as reminders of the bold and tough people that opened the harsh and forbidding western frontier.

Historic Kelso Depot is associated with the early 20th century heyday of the great steam locomotives and the establishment of the final major rail crossings of the Mojave Desert.Sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, the coldest and northernmost desert in the world.

The Gobi covers half a million square miles and is located on a plateau that is 3, . We expect certain things from a desert.

What makes the mojave desert unique

That's dirt, sometimes sand, a lot of dryness, and probably some animals that can kill us. We can even accept that there's going to be some really weird plants in the desert, but what don't we expect?

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This collection of desert landscaping plants includes cacti and shrubs that can be used as foundation plants for desert gardening. Plants that live in the desert, including these carefully chosen perennials, are particularly drought resistant/drought tolerant plants (xeric plants).

Desert springs also offer some of the Mojave's most unique riparian environments. Virtually all Mojave riparian systems are extremely deteriorated because of the introduction of exotic flora and fauna and the diversion of water resources by humans. Mojave River Valley Museum: National Parks: Mojave National Preserve Mojave National Preserve is a million-acre unit of the National Park Service, established by Congress on October 31, , by the California Desert Protection Act. Up until around 12, years ago, there was no Mojave Desert as we know it today, In its place was a better-watered landscape, valleys and low hills forested with juniper, live oak, Joshua tree and piñon, with freshwater lakes occupying the lowest parts of valleys.

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