Thesis on design thinking

It is pervasive and persuasive. But although it is relatively harmless, it is false. That designers possess some mystical, creative thought process that places them above all others in their skills at creative, groundbreaking thought.

Thesis on design thinking

Over the past decade design thinking has evolved considerably, particularly with regard to innovation within the sectors of design and business.

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Despite this sharp rise to popularity there remains limited understanding of how design thinking is applied in practice and little empirical investigation into this subject. Without this understanding further informed application and development of the approach will be hampered.

The thesis addresses the research problem through the exploration of the question: How does the design led professional understand and enact design thinking in practice? This question is explored within the context of the design led professional working with large organisations.

A qualitative research approach was adopted, which involved ethnographic methods of semi structured interviews, artefact analysis and participant observation. Data was collected across three studies: The constant comparative grounded theory method was used to analyse and synthesise data.

Research findings, contextualised within relevant literature, reveal the composition of design thinking in practice: On this basis two models are proposed in the conclusion as a foundation for further application and development.

The first presents a scale of design thinking maturity based upon two perspectives of design thinking as a way of work and a way of life.

Thesis on design thinking

The second model maps the interdependent relationship between the three components of design thinking in practice of the approach, the design led professional and the environment in which it is conducted. The evidence generated through this research provides a framework to assist the public and those who practice design thinking to better understand and articulate design thinking.

In addition it provides a foundation for further empirical research that explores the realistic application of design thinking in practice and the critical role of the design led professional.

Dissertation Link here to view and download or view the embed below.Understanding the behaviour of design thinking in complex environments. Pages. Understanding the behaviour of design thinking in complex environments. Uploaded by.

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Stefanie Di Russo. Understanding the behaviour of design thinking in complex environments. Uploaded by. Books shelved as design-thinking: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation by Tim Brown, Creative Confidenc.

THINKING THESIS GUIDEBOOK. Table of Contents Part One: Getting Started 1.

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The business philosophy behind the design thinking process In the end, design thinking drives results because it recognizes an important tenet of business success: that your customers should be at the center of everything you do.

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