The only traffic signal on the reservation doesn t flash red anymore by sherman alexie

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The only traffic signal on the reservation doesn t flash red anymore by sherman alexie

Victor continues to hope throughout the entire story that just one of the young Indian basketball players will make it big, but he is constantly disappointed. His hope reminds me of the hope that Junior has for a better life for himself; a life containing more than what is offered to him on his own reservation.

However, there is also a difference between Victor and Junior.

Junior had the guts to go out and do something about the situation he was in. He knew he would inevitably face ridicule and rejection from the people of his hometown, but he knew that he was doing the right thing.

The only traffic signal on the reservation doesn t flash red anymore by sherman alexie

Victor, on the other hand, sits around and does absolutely nothing, quite literally. He and his friend Adrian, for whatever reason, decided to give up on themselves, but while Adrian had given up on their reservation, Victor refuses to. I really like that about Victor.

It was refreshing to read that after yet another young Indian basketball player blew his chances at getting out, Victor continued to have hope for another young baller to make it big.

I found myself hoping right along with him. I often find myself experiencing the same emotions as the characters in his stories. In fact, I almost started perspiring myself.

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I know that sounds silly, but it is true. Alexie is such a talented writer that he can not only tell you a story, but he can also make it seem as though you are a part of that story.

I only hope I will have a chance to read more of his work so I can relive that experience all over again.The Great Invention Of The 19th And 20th Century - The original icemaker or the groundwork of todays refrigerator/air conditioner is the greatest invention of the 19th and 20th century because, It allowed large population growth, led to medical advancements, and the ability to .

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The collection was originally released in ; it was reissued in , with two new stories, by Grove. Introduction. Dennis Trudell. I wanted this book to exist because I love to read and I love basketball. And there was no gathering of strictly "creative" writing about .

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