I want a wife essay response

She was able to make her feelings very clear without writing in a format similar to a research paper, listing off the unfairnesses of the lives of housewives. Also, I felt that the style in which she wrote this essay was especially good because she was able to list her grievances in a way that did not offend women who, perhaps, might enjoy their domestic lifestyle.

I want a wife essay response

Brady sarcastically comments on the chauvinistic point of view of men and how they perceive a perfect partner should be. Brady speaks to housewives, that they should take a good look and a new perspective on the expected responsibility our partners secretly covet.

She is right on the money and her voice is refreshing in that it is, in a funny way, shining light on this ideal.

As I continue my thoughts of disbelief and ridiculousness, I start to realize how true it all is. Brady writes a completely one-sided essay on the inner thoughts of a man told by a woman.

I want a wife who will keep my house clean.

I want a wife essay response

Brady humorously exaggerates the wants and desires that a husband dreams up of his wife. As a wife, with 25 years of experience, who was raised in the old school tradition, a traditional, family-oriented type of marriage is what I am living now.

My opinion about marriage is simple: As there are many who are living in two-income homes, husband and wife must work together to help each other prosper, especially with the house chores. Brady seeks a wife who is completely invested in all things to support the husband.

What I know is: I cook dinner, you set the table, and then you clean dishes, and I put them away. I wash the clothes you fold, I gave birth to the children and we clean them up after they get messy. I read them a story and you tuck them into bed.

And, when it comes to finances, it should be both supporting each other. I buy you things and you buy me things. We work together and support each other every day. That is what I understand. In paragraph 2 of the essay, Brady speaks of her friend, who ultimately presented the topic.

I think he did not want a wife; he wanted a personal slave. Being a housewife herself, she exaggerates the position of an extremely self-centered personality, of what a stereotypical male ego thinks a perfect wife should be.

Personally, this sickens me. Although it is in good humor that she makes these remarks, I find them offensive and demeaning, and just plain rude. In your dreams, guys. Judy Brady tries to express her personal understanding about a hidden feeling of anger and betrayal. It is based on how she sees the role of a man in her life.

The essay is geared to encourage women, wives, exes, and girlfriends to question where they stand. The one-sided topics of this essay are blown out of proportion, but some days they seem realistic.

Honestly, I can agree with that. Judy Brady makes us think how, even though it sounds like it would be great to have a wife like that, being that wife could never be an option.

Her entire essay holds perfectly the tone and reaction that this chauvinistic idea deserves, and that is one of satire.A response to ‘I Want a Wife’ by Judy Brady by admin on July 21, in Gender Studies, Literature with Comments Off on A response to ‘I Want a Wife’ by Judy Brady This essay is a classic in feminist discourse and is rich in irony.

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Judy Syfers in the essay, “I Want a Wife”, argues implicitly that wives and mothers are underappreciated for what they do and what they do is more than what their counterparts do; women are being treated unequal to men. the essay "I Want A Wife," Judy Brady points out the different roles of a "wife" according to society at that time.

I believe that Brady is sarcastically describing the ideal wife every man dreams of. Essay saying goodbye friend education in moldova essay value based (for a term paper conclusion) a research paper is what conclusion essay for toefl exams kuwait sat essay writing topics rubrics.

Research paper english linguistics xenoblade writing essays subjects vk living another country essay moving. View Notes - i want a wife from ENG at Kutztown University Of Pennsylvania. Travis Bergwall College Composition Garrett Personal Response Essay Response to "I want a wife" Essay I want a wife.

Feb 03,  · {February 3, } My Response to the Essay “I Want a Wife” I thoroughly enjoyed reading the essay “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady.

I thought it was so interesting how she shared her feelings on a woman’s role in society by writing her thoughts in .

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