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Some of these types are less abstract than others, but all are concerned with separating art from reality. Curvilinear Abstract Art This type of curvilinear abstraction is strongly associated with Celtic Artwhich employed a range of abstract motifs including knots eight basic typesinterlace patterns, and spirals including the triskele, or the triskelion. These motifs were not original to the Celts - many other early cultures had been utilizing these Celtic designs for centuries: However, it is fair to say that Celtic designers breathed new life into these patterns, making them much more intricate and sophisticated in the process.

Construction blocks abstract

General code coverage topics 1. What is code coverage and why should I care about it? What does "executed" mean here? It means you exercise your application code using a driver of some kind.

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The driver could be a JUnit test suite, a test suite in some other test framework, or it could even be a human sitting in front of your application and clicking on buttons acccording to some use case script.

The driver thus induces coverage. The application code itself runs more or less according to how it is meant to run: You can expect undiscovered bugs in such software to be discovered by your users, of course.

Incidentally, reaching for You just get a lot less quality improvement for considerably more effort to Construction blocks abstract such perfection. The topic of which coverage metric is "better" could be somewhat religious.

There have been academic studies showing that, for example, path coverage at a certain level detects somewhat more bugs than, say, line coverage Construction blocks abstract the same level.

I personally think the actual metric definition is not that important. I'd rather empower all developers on my team with a free and fast tool so that they can track their own coverage of some kind early and frequently. An experienced developer will look at the coverage report that links to the source code, drill down a bit, look at the "red" areas, and figure out which, if any, areas of the product he left somewhat under-tested.

This is why EMMA opts for a set of simple metrics that are easy to obtain without a lot of runtime overhead. Can I get code coverage if I don't have an automated test suite? You need to be able to run your application to get coverage. Your application does run, doesn't it?

Ideally, the process is automated with a functional test suite, but in a pinch a human "test driver" and a test script on a piece of paper will do.


Getting code coverage for a completely untested piece of software is a lower cost starting point for improving your test situation than writing a comprehensive test suite.

With a code coverage profile in hand, you can analyze which areas in code need attention first. Code coverage as done by EMMA 2. How does EMMA compare to other coverage tools? EMMA belongs to a class of pure Java i. This means you don't need special JVM switches for enabling coverage: It also means EMMA does not instrument your.

As a somewhat unique feature, EMMA offers two different options for when to instrument: To reiterate, bytecode instrumentation means EMMA takes in. In the offline mode this happens explicitly you start with a.

EMMA supports class, method, line, and basic block coverage, aggregated at "all", package, source file, class, and method levels. Line and block metrics are offered in "normal" and "weighted" varieties.

Construction blocks abstract

Other entries in this FAQ provide details on these. EMMA does not do branch or path coverage. However, EMMA reports fractional line coverage to help you visualize untested branches in code.

EMMA trades off the advantages of using full syntactical data in. It was created as a fast tool for both personal development as well as for massive enterprise software projects.

During performance testing, EMMA's instrumentor had been run on more than EMMA pays attention to the needs of enterprise software developers who can't always run in the latest Java version or track down obscure 3rd-party library incompatibilities: EMMA runs in any Java 1.

EMMA is free and uses a very liberal open source license. Does EMMA support agile methodologies? The old approach to collecting code coverage stats is to do it for the entire application, some time during the final testing stages.Network Virtualization: The New Building Blocks of Network Design Abstract Business and IT leaders have been demanding an IT infrastructure which is more dynamic and responsive to the quick pace of.

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Latest Updates History[ edit ] The plaza was the idea of Governor Nelson Rockefellerwho was inspired to create the new government complex after Princess Juliana of the Netherlands visited Albany for a celebration of the area's Dutch history. Riding with the princess through a section of the city known colloquially as "the Gut", Rockefeller was embarrassed.
Tuesday, 12:30 PM to 1:50 PM -- Lunch There is also evidence that complex block-play is linked with higher mathematical achievement.
C.hierclass: Designing classes in a hierarchy: A limited number of Sessions are available for Consultants to teach innovative means and methods and for software vendors to demonstrate new or improved products. A limited number of Project Showcase Sessions are also available.
Hip Hop Beat Construction Made Easy There is also evidence that complex block-play is linked with higher mathematical achievement. How does it all happen?

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