Co write a novel

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Co write a novel

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Be Not Afraid!

I think the most important quality you need to have to co-write a novel is the ability to compromise. Both writers need to be able to co-operate and find a middle ground because, no matter how similar your ideas may be, they'll differ from time to time, branching out and following different avenues for each person.

Then comes the difficult part: I can almost guarantee that at some points you will have to bite your tongue and submit to your partner's ideas; at other times your partner will have to do the same for you.

You need to be able to work together to reach an agreement on which ideas to use. That's one reason why being able to make compromises is important when co-writing.

One time I helped my sister write a novel and I found it insufferable; I had lots of ideas for her to use, but they were very different from her own. In the end it took a lot of compromises between the two of us before it could actually be put down on paper.

It worked out in the end though. Another quality you need is patience.

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You might need this characteristic because your co-writer might not write as fast as you, generate ideas as fast as you, and so on, and this can swiftly become exasperating, especially when you want to write more yourself.

If you find that you have little tolerance for this then maybe co-writing a novel isn't for you. Consider carefully the style you of writing you and your partner will use.

If you're both writing from the same perspective then you need to make sure your writing style is very similar or, as the previous answerer said, it will be obvious it was written by two different people.

However, you may be looking for separate styles. For example, I once co-wrote a book with my friend in which we each wrote a chapter from our own separate characters' perspectives.

Their personalities were very different almost polar opposites so we had the freedom to have a different writing style to each other. We both wrote in first person though, so different narrative stances, like third person and first person, may be a little difficult though not impossible to pull off.

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Make sure it is clear in both your minds where the story is going -- if one person imagines a completely different ending to the other then the novel will end up as a piece of drivel -- so collaborate closely and make sure you both know clearly what happens in your story and when.

And lastly, have fun. If you can help it, try not to argue with your co-writer. Don't make co-writing a novel into a hardship; take it as an opportunity for two creative minds to meet and forge a masterpiece.

Have a good time writing and it will show through in your words. And at the end of the day, if co-writing isn't for you then don't let that ruin your relationship with your writing partner. After all, it's only a book. Books can be rewritten -- friendships are a lot harder to redo.

I hope this helps you!So if you’re interested in co-authoring a novel, here are our top ten tips for co-authoring: This guest post is by Christopher Mari and Jeremy K. Brown. Mari was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and was educated at Fordham University.

co write a novel

Writing a Novel: Bring Your Ideas To Life The Faber Academy Way by Richard Skinner is published by Faber & Faber (£) Richard Skinner is an author and the director of the fiction programme at Faber Academy, where he created the flagship Writing a Novel six-month course in The novelist Kingsley Amis once said, "The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of one's trousers to the seat of one's chair." Writing a novel may indeed be 10% inspiration and 90%.

Author Bret East Ellis tweeted Thursday that he finds White House advisor Stephen Miller 'completely compelling' and wants to write a novel about him.

After a long process which involved interviewing with various novelists, Michael Mann has secured four-time Edgar Award-nominated author Reed Farrel Coleman to co-write a prequel novel with him to his landmark crime film Heat, which starred Al Pacino and Robert De Niro and was written, produced and directed by Mann.

The novel will be published. Nov 27,  · Tom Baker to release a Doctor Who novel.

co write a novel

The book will be based on a Doctor Who script that he helped write. The original script was written with co .

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