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She is also plays a major role in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Portrait Of Young Comet manga series. Despite this, she is very charismatic, and also portrays a care for the well being of her soldiers, even teaching the principles of war to some. This, however, is all a ruse though which covers up her true self; Haman's real character is one that desires power, not caring who she has to use or discard to get it.

Asher khan

Location[ edit ] Wazir Khan Mosque is renowned for its intricate and extensive embellishment. The mosque is located in the Walled City of Lahore along the southern side of Lahore's Shahi Guzargah, or "Royal Asher khan which was the traditional route traversed by Mughal nobles on their way to royal residences at the Lahore Fort.

The mosque houses several shops in what is known as the "Calligrapher's Bazaar. In the late s, John Lockwood Kiplingfather of Rudyard Kiplingwrote about the mosque and its decorative elements in the former Journal of Indian Art.

Wazir Khan mosque is renowned for its elaborate embellishment in a style which draws from the decorative traditions from several regions. While other monuments in Lahore from the Shah Jahan period feature intricate kashi-kari tile work, none match the enormous scale of the Wazir Khan Mosque.

Unlike the contemporary Shah Jahan Mosque in Sindhthe interior walls of Wazir Khan Mosque are plastered and adorned with highly detailed buon frescoes [9] The interior decorative style is unique for Mughal-era mosques, [12] as it combines imperial Mughal elements with local Punjabi decorative styles.

The arched niche at the mosque's entrance facing Wazir Khan Chowk is richly decorated with floral motifs, and features one of Lahore's first examples of a muqarna - an Asher khan element found at the Alhambra in Spainas well as on several imperial mosques in Iran.

Asher khan

The iwan is flanked by two projecting balconies. Above the iwan is the Arabic Islamic declaration of faith is written in intricate tilework. The panels flanking the iwan contain Persian quatrains written by the calligraphist Muhammad Ali, who was a disciple of the Sufi saint Mian Mir.

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To all who turn towards the Qibla in prayer, may this door remain wide open with prosperity till the day of resurrection.

While the panel to the left of the iwan reads: Everything we sow in this world we will reap in the next. Lay a good foundation in this life, for everyone must pass through this gate to Paradise.

Entry to through the small portal leads into a covered octagonal chamber which lies in the centre of the mosque's "Calligrapher's Bazaar. Passage through the portal and octagonal chamber leads into the mosque's central courtyard.

The courtyard measures approximately feet by feet, and features high arched galleries surrounding a central brick paved courtyard - a typical feature of imperial Persian mosques in Iran.

The courtyard features a subterranean crypt which contains the tomb of the 14th century Sufi saint Syed Muhammad Ishaq Gazruni, also known by the name Miran Badshah. The main prayer hall opens to an ablution pool. The mosque's prayer hall lies at the westernmost portion of the site, and is approximately feet long and 42 feet wide.

Restoration works at Wazir Khan Mosque began in Tangled power lines further spoiled views of the mosque, and the Wazir Khan Chowk had been badly neglected and had shrunk in size due to illegally constructed shops. The first phase of the project removed illegally constructed shops, restoring views of the mosque.

Wazir Khan Chowk was extensively rehabilitated by removal of encroachments, while the well of Dina Nath was restored. Power lines along the project corridor were also placed underground, and the Chitta Gate at the eastern entrance to Wazir Khan Chowk was rehabilitated.

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The mosque features one of the earliest muqarnas in South Asia. A view of the main prayer chamber The mosque's dome is decorated with tile work. Richly embellished muqarna The mosque features short Lodi-style domes.

Interior surface embellishments The mosque's pulpit dates from the colonial era The mosque's pulpit Wazir Khan Mosque in The mosque's courtyard A view of the mosque through an archway The courtyard ablution pool features a small fountain.

The mosque after a rainstorm The entrance to the main prayer hall has two small towers. Decorative tile panels on the mosque's exterior Arabic calligraphy on glazed tile. Arabic calligraphy on glazed tile. Arabic calligraphy on glazed tile: Fresco in prayer chamber.View the profiles of professionals named Asher Khan on LinkedIn.

There are 93 professionals named Asher Khan, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Haman Karn (ハマーン・カーン, Hamān Kān?) is an antagonist from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and the main antagonist in its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam is also plays a major role in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Deleted Affair: Portrait Of Young Comet manga series.

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